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RemTrack is a civic tech platform that enables and empowers stakeholders and the general citizenry to effectively track progress in the implementation of audit reports of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI).

It is a technology-for-development tool that unpacks the complex web of remediation in the extractives sector into user-friendly information and datasets that enable stakeholders, especially civil society and the media to make evidence-based advocacy in furtherance of transparency and accountability in Nigeria.

RemTrack is essentially a mobile application built for smart phones and other mobile devices to provide information that stimulates and enables tracking of progress made on remediation issues contained in NEITI audit reports.

RemTrack was designed and deployed by OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative in collaboration with the Civil Society Steering Committee (CSSC) of the Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI). RemTrack is a global innovation, being the first of its kind in all EITI member countries.

RemTrack is available for download on both the Google Play and iOS Stores for android and apple devices respectively. For more information, visit:
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